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Our Philosophy

Nothing Toxic. Nothing to Hide. #topshelfie Status.  

We are a capsule collection of clean, chic lip and body care products designed to give you a no-compromise beauty experience that fits seamlessly into your beauty routine. We've taken a thoughtful approach to skincare, such as acknowledging basic skin chemistry needs like the acidity of the skin mantle and botanical extracts that provide optimum skin food, when creating our formulas. The result? We’ve made body care efficacious and easy so you can use us anytime, anywhere. We give you modern beauty that feels good. So drop and swap your drugstore faves for our luxuriously formulated, multi-tasking, oh-so-velvety beauty basics.

When you choose 1'Lux Beauty, you'll never feel like the only skin care options are chemical-laden cosmetics.  Those products are built on a fast food beauty philosophy with cheap ingredients to keep costs low. Our mission is to provide you with the lux skin care you deserve.   And … we only use top-shelf ingredients to do it.



A note from the creator

We so often neglect skincare for the body.  
As a beauty professional, I am entrusted by clients to provide smooth results. That is very difficult to deliver when skin is dry, flaky, chapped, and irritated. I searched high and low for easy, clean skincare for body + lips with high performance ingredients that I could recommend to clients for use at home. I needed multi-tasking skin heroes with a clean and simple aesthetic, for I know how precious your vanity counter real estate is.  On a personal note, moving to Alberta and its cold, arctic weather system meant I had to radically change and up my usage of bodycare products. I started really looking at all the products I was buying and was shocked to see that nearly all the brands I had been using were the fast food equivalent of beauty products - cheap, highly toxic, and damaging! I don't think I ever really knew what healthy skin looked or felt like.

I wanted thoughtful, luxury beauty.
I wanted zero-tox, botanical based products.
I wanted better beauty basics for body and lips for that lit within glow. 
So, I made my own.

1’Lux Beauty is a chic beauty brand made for everybody who wants smooth, soft skin. I created this #topshelfie line with an alchemy of luxurious and fresh botanical ingredients to change the feel, suppleness, softness (OMG the softness!) and resiliency of your body. Bring sophistication to your morning routine by using our plant-based exfoliators, velvety pH-appropriate cleansers, creamy lotions and golden oils to experience silky textures and subtle fragrances.

Whatever your lifestyle, our products give you glowing, healthy skin that looks incredible in the buff.